1. Information about Zenis Korea

ZENIS is a cooperation company between Vietnam and Korea, we have a lot of experience in interior decoration of elevators, escalators, processing and supplying stainless steel shaped products.

The value of creating a space is formed by the perfect beauty and sustainability of interior materials. The desire to conquer the perfect interior spaces and the belief to become a leader in the field of Elevator furniture that we are passionate about drove us to create ZENIS in Vietnam. With a firm belief on the way of the past 15 years, we have realized hundreds of architectural works into hundreds of tangible works of value in terms of aesthetics, economy and especially interior art.

Professional and dedicated staff, we are always ready to provide the best services to customers. At the same time, we have many more good opportunities to affirm our position in the field of supply, construction and installation of interior decoration for projects designed by great designers from Korea.

The slogan of ZENIS is to design according to the customer’s idea. It is mutual trust between customers, partners and contractors, between management and employees, between colleagues and colleagues. Based on that truth, we have identified 5 key values ​​- which are the spirit of ZENIS on the path of long-term construction and development, which are:
Commitment to quality – Listening to ideas – On schedule – Customer satisfaction – Warranty.

2. Mission

Support design, interior consulting and construction methods, elevator drawings for interior design companies and investors in Vietnam and abroad.

3. For customers

  • Completing the right work commitment is our prerequisite target.
  • Satisfying the increasing demands of customers
  • Because customers serve, because of the prestige.
  • Coming to us, customers will be assured of the quality of art as well as interior materials. Materials used have documents of origin, clear origin: CO, CQ.